January 2017

Alex Curea is our new Head Porter. A great addition to the team.

March 2015

Hurford Salvi Carr Property Management has taken over the day to day running of the building. We welcome our new property manager Malanie Armstrong to the building. Contact details can be found on the relevant pages.

May 2013

The external works to the building have now been completed. The result is looking great, and confirms that the Ziggurat building is one of the most important residential landmarks in the area.

November 2010

Justin Marti is our new Head Porter. He succeeds Siddique Khan who, much to our regret, left earlier this year. Thanks to Siddique and we wish him well with other commitments. Justin is a very worthy successor, and we wish him good luck and welcome to the building.

March 2010

The fan replacement work has now been completed. It has provided great improvements to the ventilation system and has made it both more electricity efficient and more silent.